Indian YMCA in the METRO


Dear Sir,

Hope you are fine!!!

It's time to say thanks for all your warm hospitality and very lovely time I had at YMCA. Though I missed my family but getting to know all of you felt me at home. Room stay, housekeeping, atmosphere, staff, food, canteen staff & all were exceptional. However, the life of YMCA are its students and I thoroughly enjoyed interacting with students from different parts of India/ world. It was easily one of the best & wise decision me and my wife took to get me into YMCA.

Once again thank you for providing me the extended family and I am already bonded to some of the students & residents and this was all possible due to YMCA ISH and me and my family will be indebted for this forever.

Thanking you.

Dr Rupesh Agrawal (long term resident 2013 – 14) MMed, FRCS(Glasg), FAMS, DNB, DO,

Dear Shri Charles,

Thanks for your kind confirmation and the thoughtfulness of taking the time out to reply so affectionately about Madhav.

It is this very understanding, consideration and the home-like disciplined ambiance of the ISH under your sterling supervision, which constantly reassures parents like us about the wellbeing of their children studying overseas!

With warm regards,

Raghav Bhatnagar, Joint Secretary Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India, New Delhi ,

Dear Sir,

First of all apologies for not being able to come for the orientation yesterday. There was an LSE MPA reception dinner and couldn't leave early, came at 10:30pm. Will surely get to know the inmates over the next few days.

More importantly, wanted to thank you. YMCA had amazing food, I don't really miss home food and it's that good. I often send food images to my family . Haha. Also, for once I didn't feel scared or out of place here despite this being my first time away from home all alone. Thanks for this "home away from home". The washrooms are a spic and span ! The YMCA team is doing a fab job.

Chavi Meattle,