Feed back on workshop “The Truth about Drugs” conducted ny NARCONON

This was a good talk. I liked the anecdotes used to bring up important points. After this talk I am now inspired to focus on goals and avoid external stimuli. I am going to share this information with my family and relatives. It was a very good talk.

Very informative talk in a very concise manner. Tonight I came to know about many unknown facts which I was not aware of before. I can also use this information to rehabilitate someone who is under the effect of drugs.

It was a very informative talker and I wish it had been longer. It gave me information on the effect of drugs. I will remind/inform the younger lot.

The talk was informative and one could see the enthusiasm of the speaker in trying to make a difference in at least one person's life. It reinforced my thoughts that the real high is in helping others. Thanks.

I liked the tips on how to avoid the temptation to take drugs or alcohol. The talk definitely changed my own thoughts on the subject of drugs. This information will help me not to get addicted in the future and I will use it to help those who are already addicted. Thanks for the time of this session.

The talk was very nice, interesting and intuitive but quite logical at the same time. Earlier I would say people doing drugs but now I would make some effort to stop them. I can use what I learned by preventing/stopping my friends, avoiding places where we find people offering drugs and change company of friends. I would have loved to learn more on how I can actually help.

The talk was really good and informative. I learnt a lot of things like the effects of drugs on people, especially the long term effect. I realised that achieving goals is actually what makes you 'high' compared to taking drugs. I feel inspired to try to help at least one person in my lifetime. If I get an opportunity to use what I have learned tonight I will surely do so. It was good attending the talk.

The talk was very interesting and engaging. There was good use of examples and stories. The section on how drugs mitigate vitamins was eye-opening for me. I will never do drugs as I believe I can achieve my goals without drugs.